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Sentinel Homes Taranaki: Award-winning homes

Award-winning designs with an X-factor

In the heart of Taranaki, Sentinel Homes has earned a reputation for creating homes that are not just thoughtfully designed but fit the owner perfectly. This talented team, led by owners Andrew and Julia Kuriger, brings architectural expertise and a passion for new builds to every project. This year, their efforts were well rewarded at the House of the Year awards. They went home with Regional Gold, Regional Category Winner and a coveted spot in the National Top 100 Homes.

So, what makes Sentinel Homes Taranaki stand out? Let’s hear what Andrew has to say.

Design beyond expectations

Andrew spent 20 years as an architectural designer before moving to Sentinel Homes. Project manager Lew Sarten came from the same background. Andrew says they draw out the best in each other as a team, creating design-led homes.

“Lew and I work well together as we can critique each other’s work and get the best out of each other. Ultimately, it’s a good mix that gives clients a more thoughtful design – simply because of our skill set,” explains Andrew.

For them, it’s not about flashy features or cookie-cutter designs. Clients can start with one of the standard Sentinel Home designs, and then Andrew will help them tweak it to suit the building site and their lifestyle.

“We’re all about finding that sweet spot – adding architectural flair without breaking the bank. We believe that good design means fitting the client’s needs.”

But when asked what truly sets his designs apart, Andrew says it’s the feeling you get when you walk inside:

“It’s all about flow, impeccable orientation, and the play of light throughout the space. These elements create homes that have an indefinable quality – an X-factor that charms and surprises anyone who steps inside.”

A legacy of awards

Sentinel Homes Taranaki’s distinctive approach clearly resonates with homeowners – and the judges of the House of the Year awards have noticed. This year, it won regional gold and regional category winner titles. But the success was no anomaly. In 2022, it secured a well-earned silver award, laying the groundwork for this year’s golden triumph. The year before, it stole the show with a trifecta of wins: regional gold, regional category winner and a spot on the Top 100 list. Andrew says the success isn’t from hitting the high-end architectural market but rather delivering elevated designs. They want every family, regardless of budget, to have a home that works brilliantly for their unique lifestyle.

“Ultimately, the judges can see that our designs really work for the family – thoughtfully designed to suit them,” says Andrew.

Setting a new standard

For the Taranaki team, the recognition received at the House of the Year 2023 awards was truly humbling. And to top it off, it was named Sentinel Homes Franchise of the Year. This win was thanks to the team’s attention to detail, an innovative approach to design and the consistency of effort poured into each project.

Taranaki also took home the Show Home of the Year award – a testament to its ability to turn heads. But Andrew says the best thing about winning these accolades is that they draw a line in the sand about where their builds are situated in the market.

The Award-Winning Sentinel showhome in Taranaki

“It’s a really good measure of our workmanship and our trade.”

Your dream takes shape

Andrew and his team’s thoughtful, personalised designs have left a lasting mark on the region. They’re crafting spaces that truly resonate with those who inhabit them. If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, the passionate and precise team at Sentinel Homes Taranaki is ready to make it happen.

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