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Introducing the sentinel app for desktop and mobile

Building your new home should be fun and exciting, but for most people it’s just… not. Too much stress, not enough control, and lots of balls you can’t seem to keep in the air. If only there was an app for that…


When you build your new home with us, you’ll also get access to the Sentinel App. That’s where you get to see everything that’s going on with your build, on desktop or mobile. You’ll get to check in on the items, upgrades, financial decisions you’ve made, and important documents. You’ll also be able to chat with your project manager and see progress photos. It’s like being on site, without having to actually leave the house (or put on pants).

Here’s a bit more on the nifty things you can do with the app.

Know what's next

Know what’s next – see at a glance where you’re up to in the build process, and what’s happening next. Your builder may also post up a to do list, so you’ll know what’s happening on site in even more detail.

Review your selection sheet

Review your selection sheet – see the choices you’ve made and what decisions you need to prep for. We’ve colour-coded the list, and given you all the pricing up front – this means you stay on schedule, and simplifies the decision-making process. Click, click, click and you’ve chosen your new benchtops.

Request and approve upgrades online

Request and approve upgrades online without having to send documents back and forth. You can then check things off as they’re completed.

Keep in touch with your project manager

Keep in touch with your project manager – ask all the questions you want and they’ll reply in the app. You’ll also be able to see any photos or files your project manager attaches – and upload any of your own. All of these conversations will be saved so you can go back over them if you need. Three cheers for no more email!

Keep an eye on your running total, in real time

You’ll see the financial decisions you’ve made and where you’re at with your budgets.

“Having a mobile app for our phone made the process even easier. It was like being on site, but without having to sign the hazard register! By the time we got back to NZ after eight weeks in Europe, the house was basically closed in, with the windows in and the bricks going on!”

Kevan & Michelle Stewart

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