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Our Process

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why get a site check?

If you’re looking at buying a section, subdividing, or building a new home on a site you already own, our free appraisal will help you spot potential issues and give you some ball park pricing.

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What happens at a Free site check?

1. Before we meet

We’ll do a quick check of your property with the local council before we arrive, and if you’re subdividing, we’ll also check the address with our planners to ensure we know about any potential issues or constraints.

2. On-Site Meeting & Design Chat

One of our team will meet you on site and talk about your ideas. Listening to what you want to achieve, and the sort of budget you’re thinking of.

These are the sorts of things we’ll also check on site:

The slope of your site

Anything that needs to be removed (existing dwellings, sheds, trees etc.)

Services (power, water, fibre etc.)

How the site is positioned for the sun, and where's the best place to put your home

We'll ask you about any resource consents, land covenants or other design constraints on your land

3. After we meet

After the meeting, we’ll send you some ball park pricing and a document that tells you a bit more about us, and our process. Helping you make smart decisions about your new build.

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