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Meet the men redefining Christchurch’s building scene

Troy Lange and Eric Briggs bring innovative designs and a fresh approach to our newest city.

Big news, Christchurch: Sentinel Homes has arrived, and we’ve handpicked two extraordinary talents to lead the helm. Last year, we welcomed Troy Lange, the Christchurch South franchisee who brings over two decades of building industry expertise to the likes of Halswell, Lincoln and Rolleston. And this year, Eric Briggs took on the Christchurch North franchise, stretching from the CBD, across the inner suburbs and north to Kaiapoi, Rangiora and beyond. We think it’s time to get to know these two local legends.

Troy Lange - Sentinel Homes Christchurch South

Troy Lange:
The craftsman of Christchurch South

Troy Lange swapped professional cricket for construction over 20 years ago, but his drive to win hasn’t changed.

“I’m all about the game, no matter which field I’m on,” says Troy.

In other words, he applies the same hard work and focus to all his roles – from builder to large-scale construction manager and now to the all-seeing director of Sentinel Homes Christchurch South.

“My final inspections usually get 100% quality and no defects,” says Troy.

How does he achieve this incredible feat? To Troy, it’s all about running a tight ship with a rigorous check after each building stage.

“When the floors go in, we check. When the frames go up, we check again. I’m always chasing the satisfaction of a job done flawlessly,” laughs Troy.

Troy wanted to be a part of the Sentinel Homes franchise because he saw eye-to-eye with our ethos – unique, well-designed, quality homes without costing a fortune. He knew he could push past the usual limits, helping clients build homes that were better than they ever imagined.

“Once I understand exactly what the client wants, it’s up to me to nurture their original vision into something that works long-term,” explains Troy.

From the family-friendly expanses of Halswell and Wigram to the growing communities of Prebbleton, Lincoln and Rolleston, Troy has already set a new standard of quality in Christchurch. Off-site, when he isn’t steering the Sentinel ship, you’ll find Troy enjoying life to the fullest.

“If work wasn’t calling, I’d be with my kids, travelling, or staying sharp with rugby, cricket, boxing and golf,” says Troy.

Eric Briggs - Sentinel Homes Christchurch North

Eric Briggs:
The North’s innovator

Eric’s been in the construction game one way or another for the last 15 years with experience spanning from sales, design, being on the tools and now becoming the general manager of Sentinel Homes North Christchurch. His diverse background has given him a unique approach. Eric listens carefully to what customers really want versus what their budget will allow. Then, he can think outside the box to deliver their vision while sticking to their budget.

“I’ve always said we’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason,” says Eric.

“Other building companies get lost in the dollar value and won’t listen to what you want. But the truth is, if you listen to your client closely, you can come up with a better solution – something they hadn’t even considered possible,” explains Eric.

One area Eric has been focusing on is infill housing. Creating dense yet efficient living spaces is all about optimising city areas, reducing environmental impact, supporting public transport and local businesses, and fostering a vibrant community. Eric feels this strategy not only helps meet the community’s immediate needs but also anticipates the future, making Sentinel Homes a forerunner in thoughtful and responsible building.

But it’s not just about infill, he’s seeing opportunities in many of the newer parts of the region like Marshland, Kaiapoi, and Rangiora where we can expect a Sentinel Show Home to pop-up very soon.

In his downtime, Eric is just as devoted to his family as he is to the community he wants to build in Christchurch. He’s a proud dad to a seven-year-old, and his experiences as a co-parent have shaped his perspective on his role.

“She’s the reason I do what I do,” says Eric.

That’s why he’s passionate about building great homes – they’re making Christchurch a better place to grow up.

Christchurch, meet your home-design dream team

As Sentinel Homes plants its flag in Christchurch, Troy Lange and Eric Briggs combine experience, passion and a shared commitment to great design.

“Joining Sentinel Homes felt right – it’s a place where my building philosophy and customer-first approach is shared,” says Troy.

With Eric’s keen insight into modern housing needs, Sentinel Homes Christchurch North is in capable hands.

Inspired by Troy and Eric’s vision for your future home? Get in touch with Sentinel Homes today.

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