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What does a knockdown and rebuild involve?

All your FAQs answered

Great land in New Zealand’s most popular areas is becoming scarce. There’s hardly any free space with ocean views, and even less if you want to be in the central city. That’s why all the new subdivisions are often on the outskirts of town. Fortunately, if you want to build something amazing in a well-established area, a knockdown and rebuild solves the problem nicely. And to make things easy, Sentinel Homes can be your one-stop shop for a project like this.

Here we answer some common questions you might have about knockdowns and rebuilds:

1. Can I just knock down the old house? Do I need any approvals?

You don’t usually need a building consent to demolish a house (as long as it’s not taller than three stories). But at the start, we’ll investigate all the rules and regulations. If approvals are required, we’ll take care of them for you, making the process seamless and stress-free.

2. Who knocks down the old house?

Leave it to the experts. We work with experienced demolition companies who know how to take down a house safely and efficiently. They’re also great at salvaging any materials worth recycling or reusing.

3. How much does it typically cost to knock down a house?

Ah, the million-dollar question or, well, the $20k-$25k question. The cost can vary depending on the house’s size, materials used and location. We’ll help you crunch the numbers to get a solid estimate for your entire project.

4. How long does a knockdown take?

Not long at all. On average, it adds just a few weeks to the overall timeline. We see it as a short detour on the journey to building your dream home.

5. Do I need to worry about asbestos?

It’s a possibility, but our demolition experts will check for any pesky asbestos. If they think it’s present, we’ll provide you with a report for its safe removal. Some recent removals have cost our clients as much as $20,000. Because of this, we like to nail this report down first, so you can make a more informed decision on the viability of the project.

6. Can I sell the old house and have it removed?

Sometimes, selling the old house and having it relocated can be a win-win. Not only will you earn money on the house, but you’re giving it a new life and saving money on demolition. We can put you in touch with reliable relocation companies that will handle the process for you.

7. How long can the old house stay occupied?

We’ll work our magic behind the scenes so you can stay comfortable for as long as possible. In other words, we’ll do site investigations, reports, plans and consents before we bring the house down. However, this may not be possible if access to your site is tricky or you’re planning to relocate your old home.

8. Can I reuse anything from the old house?

We’re all for reducing waste and embracing sustainable practices. So, let us know if you’ve got some sentimental treasures or ideas for reusing materials from the old home. For example, in a recent project, we’ve reused timber from the old house to create an awesome exterior finish on the new one.

9. What are the rules and restrictions on the type of house I can rebuild?

As always, councils have a few rules up their sleeves. But they’re the same ones you’d face building on a fresh piece of land. We’ll help you navigate the guidelines and ensure your new home complies with all the regulations.

10. Subdividing the land after demolition

One big bonus of a knockdown and rebuild is the potential to be more efficient with the land. For example, you may have enough space to subdivide and create another section or two. This is especially beneficial in high-value areas, helping you pay for a big portion of the project.

Why choose Sentinel Homes?

If you’re tired of searching high and low for the perfect piece of land, take matters into your own hands with a knockdown and rebuild. With an experienced team of architects, builders and project managers, we’ve got the skills and know-how to turn your dream into a reality. From planning and demolition to council approvals and construction, we’ve got your back the whole way. No stress, no worries – just a brand-new home that’s as showstopping as the haka on a rugby field. Give us a call, and let’s make some magic happen together.

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