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When it comes to building or subdividing, it’s often what’s underground that can cause the most hassle. From pipes in the wrong place or unstable ground to protected trees or deceptively steep slopes, understanding the unique constraints of your build site can set your project up for success. It means you can tweak designs or build techniques, seek additional approvals or expert support so you have a better chance of sticking to timelines and budgets.

That’s why we offer free site checks. Even if you’re only looking at buying a section, we’ll come out and offer a free appraisal of the land. This will give you an idea of how the site could be used, let you spot potential issues and get a ballpark price for making the ground build-ready.

Free site check service – the process

Pre-inspection checks

Before we head to the site, we’ll make sure the paperwork is in order. That means checking your property with the local council, so we know about any potential issues or constraints before we arrive. If you’re subdividing, we’ll check the address with our planners – that way we know exactly how the site can be used under existing planning rules.

On-site meeting and inspection

Next, one of our team meets you on the piece of land, and starts by understanding what you’re hoping to achieve and the sort of budget you have in mind. We’ll then assess how suitable the land will be, based on your top line goals. What you need from the land if you’re planning a multi-story, multi-dwelling complex will be significantly different from a modest family home’s requirements.

These are the sorts of things we’ll check while we’re there:

  • The slope of your site
  • Anything that needs to be removed like existing dwellings, sheds or trees
  • Services that need moving, adding or removing
  • The site’s positioning and the right spot for your home to catch the best of the sun and view, while sheltering from the wind.
  • We’ll ask you about any resource consents, land covenants or other design constraints on the land

Design ideas and solutions

Because you’re talking to an expert home builder, you may be offered extra advice or ideas for how you could work around constraints on your site while still delivering on your goals.

Ballparks and next steps

After our meeting, we’ll use the information we gathered to send you some ballpark pricing. You’ll also get a document with more information about us and the next steps in your journey towards building that dream home.

Know your ground

When you’re planning to build, your first step is to make sure your land is fit for purpose. That means checks with the local council, an on-site inspection and a design that makes the most of the land’s features. Knowing about any constraints, existing buildings or trees, land covenants and underground services means you can plan your build to suit and avoid hassle and delay. You’ll also have a better idea about your costs if you decide to go ahead.

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