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Advantages of House & Land Packages

House and land packages combine the comfort of owning land with the freedom that comes with designing your own home plan. Your customisation possibilities extend beyond the home itself, allowing you to choose both where the windows are and the view they look out to. With lots of exciting land ownership opportunities opening up in recent years, it’s a great time to look at combining your new house design with a plot to match.

Financial Advantages

If you’re looking to invest in a property and plan on renting it to tenants, choosing a new home can provide a strong additional selling point. Not only will you be able to optimise your house plan to suit your rental plan, you’ll also attract tenants with greater ease. A new home is naturally appealing and gives potential renters the comfort of knowing the house is in its best possible condition from the start. It also minimises maintenance problems, saving you the money and time needed to deal with them.

Even if you aren’t planning to rent your new property, a house and land package still offers great value. It’s important to explore the potential tax benefits and special perks that come with purchasing land. A good new homebuilder will be able to tell you everything you need to know about rules and regulations in your area. The team at Sentinel Homes is ready to assist with your complete home and land package plan if you’re looking in the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga area and can provide solutions in other areas of New Zealand as well.

The Perfect Time

Custom-built homes are becoming more and more popular in New Zealand, and it’s for a good reason. TheAuckland Housing Accord, has allowed thousands of new homes to be approved since 2013 and has led to an exciting range of opportunities around Auckland. Not only does building a new house offer you personal benefits, it supports the growing construction economy as well.

The place you spend the majority of your life should be one you feel comfortable and happy with. Most new homebuilders feel the same way, which is why you should discuss the builder’s guarantee that comes with new construction. It’s another one of the ways you’ll save money when you design and build.

Plenty Of Choice

House and land packages are available throughout the country, and new opportunities are arising each day. For example, Sentinel Homes offers land in Huapai that exceeds 700 square metres, along with packages in Pukekohe that comfortably fit 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms on just over 400 square metres of land. Finding luxury at a smart price is easy with such a broad presence.

The bottom line is that buying a land and house package offers complete control. Whether you’re starting small and looking to build something special over time or know exactly what you want from the start, you may be surprised to find that the perfect land package is well within your reach.

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