5 Questions To Ask Your New Home Builder


When you build a new home, you’re making a large financial and emotional investment. You want to find the best possible builder to build your home and asking the right questions can help you do that.

The following questions will help you identify whether the builder you're talking with is a cowboy that will create distress or a professional company that will meet every expectation you have of your new home.


1. What is the Schedule?

A project end date is not enough information - you should know when each stage of the building will be completed. Not only will this assist you in selecting your preferred builder, it acts as a benchmark for monitoring progress once they begin work on your home. Schedules are so important when building a new home because all of the contractors - the plumbers, electricians etc. - need to come at precise times when certain projects have been completed.

2. Who is in Charge?

Clear lines of authority are important on a building site - they ensure things get done on time, by the right person. It will also provide you with a contact to call when you have questions about the progress of your home.


3. What Security Measures Will You Take?

Homes aren’t only at risk of theft when they’ve finished being built; they’re at risk or having materials stolen, and vandalism throughout the entire building process. You want to ensure that your builder will take appropriate measures to ensure your house will be protected.

Aside from the risk of people causing damage to your home, the weather and contractors can also cause problems. Make sure they will take precautions to ensure that no damage occurs. This would not only be costly, it would also slow the progress of your home.


4. How Will We Stay in Touch?

It is important that you agree on a method of communication that works for you both. You don’t want one person leaving voicemails while another is emailing. There may be quick decisions where the project manager needs your approval, so it is important you can quickly get in touch with each other.


5. Do You Have Any Concerns That Could Affect the Project?

There may be potential issues that a builder can see arising, but doesn’t want to mention them until they’re certain they will happen. You want to be aware of potential issues so you can make an informed decision. Press them for specific details if they mention issues could arise. Furthermore, don’t be put off if they tell you about issues that could arise. It’s a promising sign that they are being honest with you. It’s the builders that hide their own problems that end up causing you problems.


Now You Have Your Questions, Get Them Answered

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