Sentinel Homes is a member of the Registered Master Builders Federation

To become a Registered Master Builder a company must undergo a comprehensive process of assessment which includes personal interviews with company tradesmen, suppliers, accountants, banks and clients.

Past and current projects are inspected and scrutinised and a personal recommendation from a current Registered Master Builder is also required.  This is an extremely rigorous procedure and demonstrates a Registered Master Builder to have a high standard of all-round expertise encompassing both construction and all-round business management.

Once a company becomes a Registered Master Builder the process of assessment continues and their projects are randomly inspected to ensure that standards are maintained. A full assessment as outlined above is also undertaken at regular intervals.


Why choose a Master Build Guarantee?

All new homes in New Zealand are required by law to carry a proven guarantee and as a Registered Master Builder Sentinel Homes offers a ten year Master Build Guarantee on all their homes.

A Master Build Guarantee protects against loss of deposit, non-completion, defective workmanship, rot and structural defects and builders that are unwilling or unable to put things right.

A Master Build Guarantee gives you protection in situations which may be out of your control.

The Registered Master Builders Federation represents New Zealand's premier building and construction companies who pride themselves on delivering houses and buildings of the highest quality.  The Master Builders New Homes or Alterations & Additions Guarantee is only offered by a Registered Master Builder.


You are covered for:


  • Loss of Deposit - Up to 10% of the contract price to a maximum of $20,000


  •  Non Completion - Up to 10% of the contract price to a maximum of $40,000


  • Materials*, Workmanship and Structural Cover from handover for two years.
  • Limited structural cover for up to an additional five years (giving a maximum of seven years from handover
  • The maximum total payout for all cover is $100,000 (includes GST)



The guarantee is not automatic & requires you to:

  • Request a Guarantee Application Form from your Registered Master Builder
  • Fill out and sign the Guarantee Application Form and the Arbitration Agreement
  • Receive an Acceptance letter from Master Build Services


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