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Because we are a design & build company, we can handle the whole process for you. From initial designs, through to council consents, then construction. You deal with one company from start to finish. It couldn't be easier!




As experienced and highly trained New Zealand home builders, Sentinel Homes can provide all the expert advice on subdividing and land development you need. We understand all the pitfalls that can cost you time, money and even result in non-approval.

We can help you maximise your potential subdivision without the hassle while protecting your bank account.

If your land is suitable for subdivision it can:

  • Free up your cash
  • Reduce your mortgage
  • Allow you to sell your existing home to build a new house


Is Your Property Suitable For Subdivision?

The first consideration when deciding whether your property is suitable for subdivision is always size. If your property is too small then the subdivided land won’t be big enough for anyone to want to buy it. Councils usually also have minimum lot size requirements you’ll need to meet to get your subdivision approved. Make sure you get a professional consulting surveyor to help with this step.

You’ll also need to consider what the real estate market is like in your area – if there is low demand you may find it hard to sell a subdivided property at all, let alone at a good profit. Talk to experts like Sentinel to determine whether your area is suitable for creating a subdivision. A couple of good signs are high or rising property prices or a large number of pre-existing subdivisions.


Other Considerations

Some other things to consider before subdividing your property include:

  • Look into local zoning laws to find out whether you are allowed to subdivide your property or not.
  • Make sure it will be feasible – and not too expensive – to get utilities such as electricity, gas, water, and sewage connected up to the new property you’re creating. Problems can arise if any of these things will be difficult or costly to do, or if they require access to a neighbors property.

If your house is old and needs to be modified, moved, or partially destroyed for the subdivision to work, you could run into heritage issues.


Dual Occupancy


Building a home that can serve two families can be a great option, it can even create an income to help pay the mortgage.

With a dual occupancy, or 'Home & Income' home, you can stay in one space, and rent out the other, creating an extra income stream, or build a dual occupancy home as an investment, maximising your investment by renting both spaces.

Dual occupancy is also great for families who want to live close to relatives or grandparents, they often share the build cost to create one beautiful home, that still allows privacy for both families.


Envrionmentally responsible

Green Living

The team at Sentinel Homes is committed to creating new house designs that promote green living. This means that when we build a new house we aim to construct something that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

Our years of experience as home builders in New Zealand allow us to find the balance between cost-effective construction and environmental sustainability.


Green Living Is Cost-Effective

As well as being all around better for the health of both people and the environment, green living is a smart investment too. Three big ways greener house designs provide a return-on-investment are:

  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources, saving you money on power bills
  • Protecting the health and well-being of residents meaning fewer trips to the doctor
  • Reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation


How We Do It?

Sentinel Homes focuses on five key areas in our new house designs to promote green living: materials, passive design, energy use, water efficiency, and adaptable housing.



There is no way to avoid some environmental impact when we build a new house, but choosing the right construction materials can greatly reduce it. The experience New Zealand home builders at Sentinel Homes undertake careful analysis and selection of materials to improve the comfort and cost-effectiveness of your home, and greatly reduce its life-cycle environmental impact.


Passive Design

We use passive design to take advantage of the climate and maintain a comfortable temperature range in our homes, limiting heating and cooling that accounts for 40% of home energy usage.


Energy Use

Passive design helps to limit energy use, but we also try to incorporate as many energy efficient technologies into our new house designs as possible.


Water Efficiency

We create houses that are water efficient and also maintain water quality by minimising effluent and recycling water.


Adaptable Housing

The housing of the future will need to be more adaptable and energy efficient than the housing of yesterday, or even today. At Sentinel, our new house designs are made with this in mind.

Graceful Living

Sentinel Homes recognises the social and personal needs of a mature generation. Our new house designs that the health-care and lifestyle requirements of every generation.

We have created a range of residential home plans that meet these needs using the following key design features. A Graceful Living home is:

  • A Usable home
  • An Adaptable home
  • An Accessible home
  • A Safe home


Usable Homes

As a socially conscious house construction company, Sentinel believes that a usable home has thoughtful design features for people of different ages and abilities that may change over time. Our Graceful Living range of new house designs has features that make life easier such as reachable power points and easy-to-use taps, window latches, and light switches.


Adaptable Homes

An adaptable home can be modified to meet the changing needs of a homeowner as they progress through life. Our Graceful Living range incorporate adaptable features which don’t require expensive renovations for people whose physical circumstances have changed. Discreet bathroom and kitchen features enable adaptation at a later stage at little-to-no cost.


Accessible Homes

An accessible home enables easy, safe, and independent access for homeowners and visitors. Nobody should be excluded from participating in home life because they are aging or have a disability, and with Sentinel’s new house designs they won’t be. The Graceful Living range includes level entryways, wide doorway, and hallways, kitchens and laundries which are easy to use.


Affordable Living Is Graceful Living

Our Graceful Living range is not complicated or expensive. It’s carefully considered principles can be incorporated into a dwelling’s design from the start, saving home builders thousands of dollars in potential remodeling at a later stage and avoiding the emotional upheaval caused by renovations.


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